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The Art of Glass, Perfected

The Art of Glass Studio Limited is a unique artistic studio selling handmade products such as window and door panels, memorial and ashes glass, as well as home décor, jewellery and bespoke items out of our studio in Eynsham, Witney, Oxfordshire. We are passionate about putting high-quality crafted goods in the hands of appreciative shoppers.

Our Story

Rosalind Duffy founded the Art of Glass Studio Limited after falling in love with the craft of stained class at a weekend course. Her path of weekly evening classes and a side hobby took a turn for entrepreneurship when she gained her first commission to make a 6’ window for the late Dave West’s Abracadabra Restaurant in Mayfair. London. In 2014, she officially opened the Art of Glass Limited studio and has pursued creative products, excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship ever since.

Rosalind is an Oxfordshire native and is proud to sell handmade goods from her hometown. Living in the village where she now works. She still attends regular masterclasses to keep up with current trends and is dedicated to becoming better every day.

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