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Rosalind Duffy Glass Artist

Art of Glass Oxford

The Art of Glass, Perfected

The Art of Glass Studio Limited is a unique artistic studio selling handcrafted products such as window and door panels, memorial and ashes glass, as well as home décor, jewellery and bespoke items including kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, out of a home studio in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Rosalind is very passionate about putting high-quality crafted goods in the hands of appreciative shoppers.

My Story

I founded Art of Glass after falling in love with the craft of stained class at a weekend course with my Mum.  My path of weekly evening classes and a side hobby took a turn for entrepreneurship when I gained my first big commission to make a 6’ x 3' window for the late Dave West’s Abracadabra Restaurant in Mayfair. London.  I received a further order for another window and 40 candleholders for the tables.  There are some still in there today!  

In 2014, I officially opened the Art of Glass and have pursued creative products, excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship ever since.  On this journey I also discovered fusing glass.  

About the Artist

I am an Oxfordshire native and am very proud to sell handmade goods from my home.  I was initially based in Crawley Mill Witney and then expanded to a rented studio in Eynsham to accommodate teaching students.  However, having spent years attending Masterclasses with amazing glass artists from the UK, USA and South Africa, I wasn't giving myself time to make and experiment with my favourite medium, so I took the step to move my studio back home and stop teaching.  I did run mobile classes for a while, but this took an awful lot of time out of my playing in my studio that I stopped doing that too!

My time is now spent on commissions, exhibitions and memorial pieces.  I have an Etsy shop - Art of Glass Oxford  and a facebook page ( which I update as often as I can.  Grieving the loss of a beloved dog, legend of a Dad and then my beautiful Mum certainly has taken it's toll, but I am now getting to see the light of day and trying to keep busy.  I am sure many of you have experienced similar losses and my heart goes out to you.

At my home, I have 3 glass kilns.  Big Bertha is my largest kiln, Octy is my middle kiln and Dory is my baby tester kiln.  I also have a husband, son and another labrador called Dyson.