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Shop - under construction

Shop - under construction

Art of Glass Studio is where you can commission bespoke stained glass panels for windows and doors, as well as fused glass home decor, centrepieces, coasters, wall art and kitchen and bathroom splashbacks for your home. 

Thoughtful gifts can be given that express you are thinking of that person at a particular time in their life, or a special occasion.  Memorial gifts (with or without ashes) can be in the forms of glass art, glass jewellery, photographs and rainbows.  Birthdays, weddings, graduation, anniversaries, births, celebration gifts can all be given in beautiful, reflective and colourful glass!  

Splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom can reflect art you like or something more personal.  You can even come and add your own stamp on it (with our help!).  

If there is anything you like, but want it bigger, smaller, different colour or add texture, then please do contact me regarding your ideas and requirements.  

We offer a friendly service and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  


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